Ready for Friday?!!!

Tentative 06-05-15 Agenda

Directions to Alexander Science Center School- The school is across the street from USC (Fight on!) on the corner of Figueroa & Exposition. Right behind that BIG airplane. The parking entrance is off of Figueroa. DON’T pull into the school drop-off zone. DO pull into the parking lot for the California Science Center. After you park, there will be arrows and helpful PSP folks to get you to the school. 

Don’t forget your PSP Parking Tent! If you forget, tell them what meeting you are attending.

Reminders: If applicable…

  • June 2015 Timesheet
  • June Student Attendance (Yes, a hard copy. And yes, one emailed to title1pspdocs too. It might be our last chance to track you down before you leave for the summer!)
  • A check or cash for $30, if you signed up to receive CPR certification.

Reminders for Closing Out Week

Don’t forget!

  • your appointment time & location!
  • to bring in your Closing Bulletin
  • if a COPY is indicated, we want for you to bring in a physical copy. Emails sent to title1pspdocs, does not count.
  • to sync (DIBELS Next) from your device(s) and verify that data was properly transferred to
  • to enter all 2014-2015 student assessment data (DAZE & PRJ or Vmath & DIBELS Math)
  • to save all the files you want to keep on your iPads
  • to delete all personal files from your PSP thumbdrive
  • to bring in ALL of your iPads, chargers, & surge protector

All iPads & netbooks will be collected on the day of your scheduled appointment. If keys to your site will still be in use after this date, you may return them at the PSP Meeting on June 5th. Vendors working beyond June 5th must submit an EOY Work Schedule.

Interested in CPR Certification?

At our June 5th meeting, teachers will receive a refresher on CPR Safety by an official CPR trainer. We are currently taking a headcount of teachers who may be interested in becoming certified. Certification will include training for infant, child, and adult CPR. This will require an additional hour of training (also on June 5th) and a $30 registration fee. Please sign up by 8am on Monday, June 1st.

Sign up HERE.