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Student Technology Reminder
As with every implementation year, your students have access to their existing Student Application licenses (e.g., Ticket to Read®, VmathLive®, and VocabJourney) for a limited time after the end of the school year. All licenses will expire on July 31, 2015.

EOY CBM Reminders:

  • Do not use old versions of the form. CBM-Worksheets
  • Enable Macros when opening the worksheet.
  • Click on EOY (BM#1-BM#3) tab at the bottom of the worksheet.
  • Do not use the old versions of the Daily Gain Rate. The worksheet will automatically take the Daily Gain Rate and then multiply it by the # of days of instruction, by the # of instructional weeks.
  • Your CBMs should reflect the number of students receiving and/or have received Title I Services for 2014-2015. (If they met their goals and/or exited the Program, names & data should be listed. These students may factor into your goals on the Evaluation Plan.)
  • A copy of your completed EOY CBM must be emailed to AND submitted with your Evaluation Plan.