All teachers (vendors too!) are required to continue submitting BOY Locators until an Instructional Services Schedule has been submitted to the PSP Office ([email protected]).

VPORT Report

All accounts have been activated for teachers to enter their PRJ Reading Benchmark (Lexile) assessment data (Grades 6-9) on VPORT @

Please follow the VPORT Reference Guide Aug2014 (also on your iPad) for proper set up of Class Rosters for data entry. All passwords for LAUSD teachers are pspteacher. All vendors will use pspvendor.

*New sites will be notified as soon as the accounts are added. Sorry! Sorry! (Children’s Community School, Precious Blood, Santa Rosa, St. Anthony of Padua, THG- West)

Instructional Start Date

Yes, tomorrow is Friday and then it will soon be Monday. We anticipated that Student Identification Sheets would’ve been gathered and addresses checked; Title I Evaluation Plans consulted upon and signed; students assessed and grouped for instruction; and iPads set up for the first day of Title I, PSP instruction! If you ARE there, you are AMAZING! If you are not there, you are human. The PSP team wants to reassure everyone that we understand if you need a little more time. Due to several requests, Benchmark 1 will also be extended for another week. Please continue to work diligently to begin Title I services at your site(s) and contact us if you need further support.