Location Change for Weds, 5/13 Wraparound

Teachers, please remind your private school teachers that the location of the next wraparound workshop (May 13, 2015) has been changed. The “Speech and Language” Wednesday session will be held at the Beaudry building in the cafeteria. Please share the attached flyers for workshop and parking information as needed. The location of the Saturday workshop has not changed. Registered participants have been emailed.

Rev 041615 Wraparound Workshops Flier

Wraparound Workshop Map Beaudry Only

2015-2016 Early Identification

Current assumptions…

  • I can use the STAR.
  • I cannot use the STAR.
  • I will wait for the Title I office to give me instructions about the STAR.

What to do? Continue to use the ITBS, as the Standardized Assessment. In the event there is NO ITBS data for a student, follow the directions for including an additional assessment.

Possible Test Measures Scenarios for the Student ID Worksheet
ITBS + additional teacher assessment
ITBS + STAR (as the second assessment)
No ITBS = STAR + additional teacher assessment
No ITBS = additional teacher assessment #1 + additional teacher assessment #2