2014-2015 Child Abuse Awareness Certification

Child Abuse Awareness Training is now open for re-certification on the Learning Zone with your LAUSD Single Sign-On* @ https://lz.lausd.net

Upon completion, please fwd a SIGNED copy of your Certificate of Completion to Claudia O’Connell @ [email protected] OR via fax @ 213-241-8033.

*New vendors that do not have an lausd.net account will be certified on the afternoon of August 27th.

Summer Pastimes

If you’re on this blog, then you DO really miss us! We miss you too and will see you before you know it. In the meantime, here are some things you might do that will help us, help you, in the upcoming year.

  • Sign up for a Gmail Account HERE
  • Sign up for a Dropbox Account HERE

Don’t forget your passwords! (I won’t know what your dream vacation is…or your first grade teacher’s name… or the make of your first car… How am I supposed to know the name of your first pet? Some of you never had one!)


PSP Treats for EOY Feat!

Hello Title 1 PSP,

I’m sure you’re working up quite an appetite for the EOY Luncheon with all the books you’re packing up and carrying around. This year we’re going Greek! We’ll have a Gyro sandwich buffet with rice pilaf, Greek salad, hummus, and grilled veggies. YUM! We thought we should continue the breakfast/dessert potluck. Just as we’ve done in the past, bring a little to something share.

Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing? Click on LINK to see & post.

See you Friday,
The Title 1 PSP Social Committee

Voyager Materials (New & Old)

As you all begin packing up your instructional materials to take to the hub, we just wanted to clarify a few things. Our goal is to rid of all print materials at your sites as we move towards digital instruction. Space is becoming limited for you and for us, but we ask that you hold on to your Teacher Editions and return the rest of your instructional materials. New/unused materials, textbooks, fillers A & B and even loose ones can be brought in. Optional- You may keep a set of student materials at each level. (It might help you sleep at night. Anything more than that is excessive. Haven’t you heard the masses of children sing the Frozen song? “Let it goooo!”)

EOY Weekly Locator

We understand that your schedules may be different for the next couple of weeks. ONLY teachers that anticipate site location changes (due to testing and/or Closing Bulletin items) are REQUIRED to submit weekly schedules at this time.

Please email or scan them to [email protected] or fax 213-241-8033 by the Monday, no later than 9am. Last minute changes or updates can be called into the PSP Hotline @ 213-241-7075. Revisions should be submitted by the Friday, no later than 9am.

SAMPLE Teacher-EOY Locator

TEMPLATE Teacher-EOY Locator